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Don’t think of this as a blog. This is a small slice of life - a guidebook -- pointing you to the best and brightest pieces of my life so far. Come, let’s discover how to live and live well. I am a dreamer of big dreams, an adventurer, living my life to the fullest. There’s a lot of the tapestry still unexplored: will you join me on this beautiful journey?

This Saturday, our class went out to Watertown, to a friend’s house out on the lake. It was a beautiful, glorious day — it felt like an entire break in one day. It is fall now, and the season is at the peak. Everything is beautiful, and this poem is trying to capture it all. Enjoy: Continue Reading »

I think there’s a reason so much stuff has happened in the past month. So much has happened that people even comment on it: car accident, bike stolen, computer problems (more than once), housing complications. It piles up, and I get sick of it — surely it’s bad. Poor me, mistreated and suffering (The sarcasm is strong in this one). I wonder if God hasn’t stripped away these things for a reason. it’s not just ‘bad luck.’ See, I tend to rely on the things I use every day. I see my bike, my computer more as limbs than belongs. I’d honestly say I can’t live without them. Continue Reading »

Our life is covered in a million overlapping peripheries that flit on the edges of our vision like white blood cells when we stare at the bright sun.
You have seen the world, the tree with the lights in it, the tapestry, and you must tell someone. It is a desire, a bubbling out of you that cannot be quenched. I must find someone and I must share this so that they can see too. I have seen how to live down to the dregs, and though I don’t know how to do it perfectly, I must spread the word. Continue Reading »

This is only my third sonnet I’ve ever written. Honestly, they’re tough. The structure makes my head ache, the rhymes remind me of Dr. Seuss (it’s true, it’s true, I tell you!), and overall I just feel like I’m plain bad at them. Either way, I’ve been experimenting with them, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one: Continue Reading »

Thank you, God, for this poem. I thought I’d never write another, but you gave me this one as a gift. Thank you :) This is a poem about saying goodbye after winter break. The day that I wrote this, I told Alisha I was done writing poems. I thought they were gone — that I had become too busy to have the mind for them. Thank goodness I was wrong. That night, while I was walking home, the first line came, floating through the air like a gift. Continue Reading »

There’s a lot of beauty in creating something. A piece of paper is only paper, until, with a pencil and a thumb for shading, I can bring out an entire world that never existed before. And I could even zoom in and discover the world inside that map: the people, their adventures and romance; the nature, filled with rolling hills and tiny individual blades of grass. The history, and the bloody wars of early days followed by the prosperity of today. All of this world is locked in my head, just waiting to be explored. And for every map — there must be a thousand of them — there are thousands of stories living inside. Continue Reading »

I am a man of systems: seven-step plans to fix all of life’s problems, schedules down to five minutes that detail how I will finish my homework, and ambitious goals and crazy time-management. This is the way I work. But…life happens. A big test comes, or the car breaks down, or my money is tight. I don’t end up well when unexpected problems come along: there is no margin for error in my plans. I’m setting myself up to fail. Continue Reading »

I know why I’ve always hated crying.
When I was fifteen, everything in my life was new or shifting. Our family had just moved, I felt attacked, which manifested itself physically in a seizure, and spiritually in my emotions. I was learning to juggle self-paced high school, and an entirely new place, to boot. I was growing up. Continue Reading »

This poem isn’t mine, it belongs to Alisha. But she showed it to me, and it fit. And the title is stretching, but it’s a stretching for this blog. This won’t be the last of her writing that fits on this blog. In time, it’ll more than fit, but help to shape. Anyways. Enjoy the essence of this poem :D Continue Reading »

“The fact is that we are painters in real life, and the important thing is to breathe as hard as ever we can breathe.” —Vincent Van Gogh

There are many days when I don’t breathe as hard as I ever can breathe. There are days when my head doesn’t poke up above the clouds, when I don’t walk like a giant over all the earth, and see the tapestry Most days, life is more like melted ice cream. But the story is there, just waiting to be grasped. The Creator has placed a story here to be found, and the threads run together into the painting of the entire world. And we are painters in real life, painting our own piece of the tapestry with a tiny brush (excuse my mixed metaphors). This is the world we have been created for. Continue Reading »

There’s something really special about closing a really good book for the first time. Try to remember back to the first good book you finished. The book that sticks out in my mind is Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt. The characters — Doug and Lil — are middle-schoolers from 1950s Marysville, New York. And yet they’re real — I feel for them, and more than that, feel with them. When I closed the book, I cried; I still read the book frequently, even with all the busyness of college.

Continue Reading »

It is fall, and two months since I arrived here in Minneapolis.
Fall in the city is strange. There are no symphonies, no bursts of light and color – no tree with the golden lights in it. Instead, a few trees decide to turn yellow, but most stay green, and will wilt and brown when the winter hits. Fall is barely here in the city – we know it more from the wind than the leaves. The breeze buffets me on my bike, sometimes so strongly that I can barely pedal forward. Continue Reading »

I was biking home.
God was right behind me. I was pedaling hard, but he stayed right behind me. I never looked around to see him – I would have crashed – but I heard him. He called forward.

I didn’t listen, because I know where I’m going. It’s six o’clock, after work, and I’m heading home for dinner. I know where my schoolwork is going. My career is good. I know where my relationships are going. It’s all good. Continue Reading »

Words are more than just what you find in a dictionary. Before you’re really fluent, you need to learn the whispered words on the breath of the wind that you cannot find anywhere else. Evocative words that bring memories, experiences, and senses to mind. These are the deepest, most beautiful oceans of a language. Continue Reading »

Today I picked up a hitchhiker.
I know, good kids shouldn’t do that. You could get beaten, or robbed, or worse. But this guy didn’t ask for permission. He just hopped in, and he was polite, so I let him stay. When I first saw him I rolled down my window so he’d blow away, but he clung on and a split-second later I regretted even thinking of killing him. So I rolled the window up and apologized to him. It’s a seven hour drive from Kansas City to Minneapolis, about 400 miles, so I welcomed the company. Continue Reading »

Daddy…it’s not a word I’m used to using. Even when I was little, I quickly started calling my father ‘dad’ – it sounded more grown up. I remember when I must have been six or seven, scolding my little brother for always praying ‘Dear Jesus,’ and I instead prayed with the far more grown-up ‘Dear Lord.’

And Lord it’s been for the rest of my life. Continue Reading »

I’m a little hesitant to say this is a diamond-poem. It needs some more work to be really worth that. And while Blank Sheet of Paper was very loud and assertive about its diamond-ness, this poem is quieter , more of the style of Waiting or Despedida. Without further ado, Packing Suitcases: Continue Reading »

A recent poem. This one isn’t so personal, but I really like the style that it experiments with. (But I am toying with a more personal poem, with a style along the lines of Waiting or Despedida, and in a similar style, so stay tuned! Maybe it’ll even be a diamond poem) In the meantime, enjoy this poem: Continue Reading »

Today is an empty page.

What will you write today? A million things will happen and ten million more won’t. Ten million weavings and turnings in the tapestry that could have happened but didn’t. Ten million lifetimes that I will never live. I swing my feet out of bed and stand on the cold hardwood floor, and I can’t help but thinking that if I hadn’t gotten out of bed the sun would not have risen today. Ten million decisions, all of them linked and intertwined throughout the day. Continue Reading »

Have you ever been called to a place you’ve never known, an inescapable longing that pulls you to…somewhere? Just pack a paper bag on a stick, full of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and get ready to go, because you’re going. Head out to the road and hitch a ride going somewhere. Have dreams, will travel. We’ve all felt this. Globeroaming. Continue Reading »

I have a big world map up on my wall. It’s filled with red and yellow pushpins, showing all of the places I’ve lived and visited. Green pushpins mark out my lengthy bucket list. But there will never be one place – no matter if I spend sixty years there – that will truly be home to me. My home is scattered around the world, and the only place where it all meets is inside of me. Continue Reading »

Another recent poem of mine. I wrote this in English class, but it turned out surprisingly well. Continue Reading »

It’s not very often that I write a poem that I truly like. In fact, I can only count three: Waiting, Despedida, and Diamonds — they feel like they’re as much a part of me as my legs or arms. Those are the poems I really care about. I don’t write them very often — in fact, it’s been six months since Diamonds. But when they come, they come. Continue Reading »

If I could choose to go back to any time in history, I would go back to the time when there was still mystery; back when ships pulled into port, stuffed with stories and smelling of spices; back when sailors and travelers had stories to tell because traveling wasn’t just getting into an airplane; back when, if you weren’t careful, you could fall off the edge of the earth, with all of the water pouring off in an endless waterfall. Continue Reading »

Another poem that I wrote today at the mall, watching various people skating. I have two or three other pieces of writing that I’m waiting to upload, but time has been short with finals lately. In the meantime, enjoy this one. It’s a bit of a different feel—a lighter feel than what I’ve written before. Let me know what you think in the comments. Continue Reading »

It is considered a Good Thing to have an introductory post on your blog when it begins, mainly so that the blog isn’t empty when people first visit it. But, this blog sort of popped into existence spontaneously. I’d been blogging since I was twelve, but one year ago exactly, on November 17th, I set up a WordPress blog on a subdomain of my business site and let the blog sit there for a while: percolating, if you will. Continue Reading »

I set off yesterday afternoon to chase the sunset.
The sun was playing between scattered clouds – a nice change from all the rain we’d been getting – resting gently on the bare tips of the birch trees. It was close – nearly as if I could reach it – but the golden light faded a little for every second I walked forward. Continue Reading »

I apologize for the dearth of posting. Life has been, well…normal. That is to say, things have been busy, but not unnaturally so. I’ve had free time. So why no posts? I have had to rediscover how to write: my words haven’t been dripping off my pen quicker than my hand can write them. For a while I was afraid I would never write again. Why? Continue Reading »

”To surrender a precious dream is a fearful thing, but to pursue anything but the full measure of the glory of God’s love is a wasted life.” – Joshua Eddy

Life is made up of shadows. This beautiful, wild, free, untamed, awesome creation that we see and feel all around us is a shadow of what was. The Grand Canyon with all of its beauty and majesty shouts to the glory of God and all we can see is like a crude crayon drawing.

I long to go home, home to the place where I can see true pictures and essence and strain my eyes infinitely into the artistry. It’s a changing, shifting desire that doesn’t stick around all the time — more often I’m poking my head back into the darkness to play around down there. But how can you focus long on the darkness when there’s light to be found? Continue Reading »

My poems have been taking longer to emerge from the percolator and this one is no exception. I’ve been throwing this one around in my head, but sparks didn’t fly until I connected a canyon with scars: and threw a road into the mix. As always, this poem is pretty personal, but hopefully you readers will be able to enjoy it also. Continue Reading »

Our day and age moves at a faster pace than any time before us. I read recently that we process something like 60,000 words a day. My current work-in-progress novel will be about that long. I’m sure you know the feeling that I have a lot: I wake up, open my inbox, my Forrst, my Google Reader, my Twitter, my Burrst, and several other various places. That’s not to mention the huge volume of gChats, Skypes, Facebook and Google+ notifications I get every day. Oh, and spam (well, you don’t read that). Continue Reading »

I struggle a lot with the concept of value. What makes something valuable? Why do I declare one piece of entertainment Good and another Bad? It’s a really confusing question that I’ve given a lot of thought to, especially as I start making these types of decisions independently of my parents. Continue Reading »

(Fantastic cover photo credit) I’ve been thinking a lot lately about role models, and what true, biblical manhood really is (Girls, I’m going to warn you in advance…this post is geared towards guys. You’re welcome to read it, but be aware of that :)). What is a man’s role? What does a man do? Why are we men? Fascinating questions — and I definitely don’t have all, or even some, of the answers. And you know, when you look around for sources of true, biblical manhood; there’s not a lot out there. Continue Reading »

Okay, so here’s a short story I wrote that’s partially based off of a dream. Weird, I know — these types of stories always are. I make no guarantee or claim that this is a true representation of anyone’s life depicted herein within the next decade ;) This is just my weird brain being…weird. Oh, this is sorta long….almost 3,000 words. You might want to refill your coffee cup. Continue Reading »

Two weeks ago I got a new freelance job. I was over the moon: this was a new client, an exciting project to design, and it seemed like it would be pretty simple. I needed to refresh the client’s web app and make things more consistent. I sent them an estimate (which my highest value for a job yet), and two days later we’d signed the contract and started work. Continue Reading »

I’ve always hidden behind my introvertedness, using it to claim that I’m just ‘not a people person.’ Meeting new people? That’s something extroverts do. But my problem as an introvert is that I often confuse the terms ‘people person’ and ‘extrovert.’ No difference you say? Let’s take a look. My rule has always been the following: I’m an introvert, being with people drains me, so when I am with people, I say nothing, and do nothing, so that I don’t get drained.That makes me not a people person. Straightforward, but also wrong. Continue Reading »

Today I turn 18. It’s been a wild, crazy, wacky, adventure so far — and God’s just getting started with my journey. But rather than do an introspective, rambling look at myself this birthday, I think it’s better to take a really good look at the people around me: the Fellowship of the Andrew’s-Crazy-Life! (*said in a booming Tolkien voice*) God’s used so many people in my life to impact me these 18 years, and I’d like to thank as many of them as I can. Continue Reading »

Another poem. School’s over and I’ve had some more time, but let me tell you, this one’s been a while in coming. Years in fact, but even since I started pondering it it’s taken me a month (and I’ve tried and rejected so many metaphors it’s not even funny). Anyways, I’ll shut up and let you read: (Oh, the cover image is from Kim-bodia) Continue Reading »

I don’t know what’s up with that title…it sounds like something you’d hear a disgruntled teenager say on a Sunday morning; but it’s also a concept that’s helped me to figure out free will. What is this whole idea, anyways? Here’s some of the stuff that’s filtered through my head lately. Continue Reading »

Today, I took a walk. There’s a little mountain (just a hill, really), just near out hotel (yes, unfortunately we’re still waiting on visas) and today I took a walk up to the top; just to sort some things out. Here’s some of the stuff God showed me on this walk. Continue Reading »

Despedida is a Portuguese word that has no equivalent in English, that I’ve found, at least. The closest thing I’ve come to is the act of saying farewell. This poem is an attempt to define the word. This is one of the strongest, if not the strongest emotion I feel as a TCK, so this poem comes straight from my heart. Continue Reading »


(I digress before beginning: I’m not talking about the namby-pamby boy-girlfriend sort of “love” that the world tries to pass off to us. If I know anything about love, it’s this: the world’s love is so pathetically unable to match even an iota of what true love really is. What the world has is not love.) Continue Reading »

This poem’s been percolating almost since before my first poem, and originally began its life as prose, but then seemed to merge well with a poem I was trying to write about my love for music. Anyways, here it is. Get what you will out of it. (Awesome, and mostly unrelated, cover image by Solefield) Continue Reading »

Reading. It’s such a hard activity to define. Why do we read? How does reading affect what we know to be true? What books should we read? What books shouldn’t we read? One of my classes this year is American Literature, and in the words of my teacher, his goal is to “develop our worldview.” This leads to a lot of discussion, both in and out of the class, and repeated achings of my head. But they’re thinking headaches: the good kind. Continue Reading »

Ever heard of those weird people who write in notebooks instead of on a perfectly good computer? Let’s make one thing clear…I’ve never been one of those people. Even when I was eight or nine I’d do my writing on my Dad’s ancient (even for then) Dell laptop. Notebooks are messy. Notebooks fill up. You can lose a notebook. Besides, I can type 85 WPM on average day, and I sure as shooting can’t write that fast. And most important: if you’re going to type it up eventually why not just do it on the computer in the first place? All of these are the reasons I’ve never written in notebooks before. But I’ve changed my mind. Why do I use a notebook for writing? Continue Reading »

Conveying emotion is often tricky. If you write “I feel sad,” that only tells the reader that you are, in fact, sad. But that doesn’t tell them anything about why you’re sad, how sad you are, how long you’ve been sad, if there is any way for you to be happy again. It just tells it like it is. Prose, things like news articles, novels, and stories do this. They tell you things. You read a newspaper and you’re informed with the plain facts.

Continue Reading »

I don’t want to spoil this with an introduction, but here goes: I’m not really a poet. These are just some spontaneous thoughts on something that’s very personal and important in my life. Second, this isn’t really about anyone in particular, don’t try to read any one person into this. It’s a conglomeration of experiences and relationships with both guys and girls. Without further ado, the poem: Continue Reading »

I’ve been thinking lately about how much Music influences us. Ads use tinny little jingles that get inside our head and forbid us to forget their product. We get music from movie soundtracks stuck in our head, and most of us have several thousand songs in iTunes that we listen to. Basically, music is a part of our culture. And it has been for a long time; ever since Bible times. The entire book of Psalms is music; Miriam sang when the Israelites were being led out of Egypt,; the Bible mentions members of the church singing praises unto the Lord, in multiple places. Though the word ‘music’ is only mentioned around 20 times in the Bible, ‘singing’ and ‘praises’ are mentioned far more often. We sing praise and worship to the Lord in our Sunday services. Continue Reading »